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          部: 环境al Health & Safety

          薪水: 与经验相符

          %FTE: 半到专职(50%-100%)

          位置: 兰辛

          The office of 环境al Health & Safety at Michigan State University is looking to hire an Administrative oncall/temporary employee. This individual will collect, interpret, process paperwork, and monitor financial and HR paperwork for the department; manage data and create spreadsheets and reports for the Administrative team; coordinate monthly meetings and presentations; requisition supplies and services for the department; and provide back-up clerical support for our department secretary.

          所需条件: 大专毕业的工商管理,会计,金融,人力资源或; 6个月至1年的文字处理,数据库,电子表格和演示软件逐渐更负责任的或膨胀的工作经验; 1年的专业办公环境中工作的管理金融帐户,授权购买和付款经验;管理多个同时进行的项目的能力;卓越的客户服务能力;经验进入,路由和检索窗体和报表MSU随着金融EBS / KFS系统。

          请将您的简历和求职片 jameslin@msu.edu 3月15日提出申请。

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